Mountain Bike Encounters

Part of what I love about being a director is the random breaks I’ll have in my schedule. Really, I could be working all the time and still not be able to get everything accomplished that I want / need to, but I learned a long time ago that if I can get in a ride or a run, I’ll be ten times more productive afterwards. So I’ll leave my studio in the middle of a weekday and hit the mountains – on the weekends they get a little dense... Read The Rest →

A War, a Bike, and a Former Minnesotan

Why is Biking War? Biking year-round in Minnesota is a war against the elements.   Blizzards, icy roads, rain, sweltering heat… It’s never-ending. Goggles, a facemask, layers, boots – all key pieces for battling roads in negative ten degrees with white out conditions.  Ice, chunks of snow, plows, narrow roads, sloppy drivers, and short days – all these things conspire against riders. In the springtime it’s the rain – constant rain.  And in the summer it’s hot as hell and humid all the time – so after even a ten-minute ride sweat pours... Read The Rest →

The Mafioso and the Cycle and other Biking Tales

I once met a Mafioso at the Farmers Market in West Hollywood.  Yeah, not exactly where I would’ve pictured an old school Godfather type – hanging out near such a touristy spot – but there he was: big white collared shirt, opened so I could see his big gold chain, sport coat, slacks, and a cigarette in a little golden holder. Why’d I assume he was a Gangster?  Guess it was the same way you know a tanned twenty-something sporting Bermuda shorts, asking for Sex Wax is a surfer.  Admittedly,... Read The Rest →