Dana the Desert Dweller

We were shooting a music video down in Palm Desert a few weeks back when we had our encounter with Dana.  I think that was his name – that’s what one of the crew told me. I’m getting a little ahead of myself.  So we arrive late in the day on this abandoned air stip.  It’s July in Palm Desert – in the middle of the actual desert – so it’s hot (like melting gear hot).  Before getting out of the car the temperature gauge read 109 degrees.  It could’ve... Read The Rest →

My New Film – Sweet Corn

This is taken from the website for my new film, COUNTY STATE USA: SWEET CORN The story of how Sweet Corn came into existence starts in Hawaii.  Actually, it really starts about 12 years earlier, but we’ll get to that momentarily… Cliff Diving in Hawaii  In early 2013 my family went to Oahu along with another family.   On day two we made the trek to the North Shore. Upon arrival, Russ – the other dad – and I went for a hike and saw a huge rock just off the shore – it must’ve... Read The Rest →