Strange Recordings

So I’m not even sure how to classify these bizarre bits. All of them are recorded in one completely improvised take and then I play with them and add music, SFX, etc. They’re pretty raw. Most of them are recorded out in the world and not in a sound booth – wherever the mood strikes. There are way too many of these. Here are a few. Be forewarned – they are completely moronic and, in many cases, childish. The Plant: Sometimes When I Fart: Codes are in Bob: Oak: Randy... Read The Rest →

Lunch Box Sketches

One day my daughter said I should put a note in her lunch box. I had to make it into something more than a simple, “I love you, darling. Have a great day!” That would’ve been sweet, but, well, I did one of these drawings. The next day I didn’t do it and she asked why I forgot the drawing. This went on for years… Every morning, I would knock one of these out in 10 minutes. There are a bunch posted here. The majority of them (literally hundreds) are... Read The Rest →

North Dakota Tundra

A while back I took a road trip across the snowy tundra of North Dakota. Filled with remnants of the cold war, frozen plains, the badlands, and hilarious bar names it’s a unique locale I harken back to often.                           Share → Tweet