Strange Recordings

So I’m not even sure how to classify these bizarre bits. All of them are recorded in one completely improvised take and then I play with them and add music, SFX, etc. They’re pretty raw. Most of them are recorded out in the world and not in a sound booth – wherever the mood strikes. There are way too many of these. Here are a few. Be forewarned – they are completely moronic and, in many cases, childish. The Plant: Sometimes When I Fart: Codes are in Bob: Oak: Randy... Read The Rest →

Lunch Box Sketches

One day my daughter said I should put a note in her lunch box. I had to make it into something more than a simple, “I love you, darling. Have a great day!” That would’ve been sweet, but, well, I did one of these drawings. The next day I didn’t do it and she asked why I forgot the drawing. This went on for years… Every morning, I would knock one of these out in 10 minutes. There are a bunch posted here. The majority of them (literally hundreds) are... Read The Rest →

North Dakota Tundra

A while back I took a road trip across the snowy tundra of North Dakota. Filled with remnants of the cold war, frozen plains, the badlands, and hilarious bar names it’s a unique locale I harken back to often.                          

Hollywood Phone Book

A few years ago some friends of mine in production were working on a studio lot that’ll go unnamed. Why? Well, while they were working away one of them noticed an old address book in the trash. Being fans of vintage whatever they pulled it out and started paging through it… Turns out the address book belonged to famed Hollywood director William Wyler. If you don’t know him, you know his films: Ben-Hur, The Best Years of Our Lives, Roman Holiday to name a few. Oh, and he won three Oscars... Read The Rest →

Mountain Bike Encounters

Part of what I love about being a director is the random breaks I’ll have in my schedule. Really, I could be working all the time and still not be able to get everything accomplished that I want / need to, but I learned a long time ago that if I can get in a ride or a run, I’ll be ten times more productive afterwards. So I’ll leave my studio in the middle of a weekday and hit the mountains – on the weekends they get a little dense... Read The Rest →

17 Years Later… Just another suicide?

Listening to people describe Robin Williams the past week I would’ve thought they were talking about my dear friend, Sean.  Like Robin Williams, he was the kind of guy who could walk into any room and change the energy in a powerful way – there was something special about Sean.  He made everyone feel good about life.  And he made you laugh. Magic, juggling, music, filmmaking, and stand-up – what astounds me is he mastered every one of them.  Sean wasn’t a jack-of-all-trades master of none – he obsessed until his... Read The Rest →

My New Film – Sweet Corn

This is taken from the website for my new film, COUNTY STATE USA: SWEET CORN The story of how Sweet Corn came into existence starts in Hawaii.  Actually, it really starts about 12 years earlier, but we’ll get to that momentarily… Cliff Diving in Hawaii  In early 2013 my family went to Oahu along with another family.   On day two we made the trek to the North Shore. Upon arrival, Russ – the other dad – and I went for a hike and saw a huge rock just off the shore – it must’ve... Read The Rest →

A War, a Bike, and a Former Minnesotan

Why is Biking War? Biking year-round in Minnesota is a war against the elements.   Blizzards, icy roads, rain, sweltering heat… It’s never-ending. Goggles, a facemask, layers, boots – all key pieces for battling roads in negative ten degrees with white out conditions.  Ice, chunks of snow, plows, narrow roads, sloppy drivers, and short days – all these things conspire against riders. In the springtime it’s the rain – constant rain.  And in the summer it’s hot as hell and humid all the time – so after even a ten-minute ride sweat pours... Read The Rest →

The Mafioso and the Cycle and other Biking Tales

I once met a Mafioso at the Farmers Market in West Hollywood.  Yeah, not exactly where I would’ve pictured an old school Godfather type – hanging out near such a touristy spot – but there he was: big white collared shirt, opened so I could see his big gold chain, sport coat, slacks, and a cigarette in a little golden holder. Why’d I assume he was a Gangster?  Guess it was the same way you know a tanned twenty-something sporting Bermuda shorts, asking for Sex Wax is a surfer.  Admittedly,... Read The Rest →